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THE GODS OF THE GREAT AGES ~ Betty Rhodes & Comments by Janet Kira Lessin


by Betty Rhodes ~ with insights, observations and comments by Janet Kira Lessin

Janet: The God Enki and his family created the Zodiac in order to establish when the Gods and Goddesses stopped and started their rule of the Earth. I went through this article and added my interpretations based on my research and ET contact. Each God/Goddess took their turns ruling the ages. We now enter the Age of Aquarius which is the age of balance, peace, prosperity, harmony, and the evolution of consciousness. This is the time of the great awakening. Enki & Ninmah married at the wedding at Cana and will lead humanity into the Age of Aquarius as co-rulers, balanced masculine, and feminine, the divine partnership, the Golden Age of Enlightenment. Let us now begin.

According to scientists, the Earth enters a new Zodiacal Age approximately every 2160 years, and these ages are called the Great Ages. According to their calculations, we are coming to the completion of the Great Age of Pisces and about to begin the Great Age of Aquarius. However, the Great Ages overlap and it is difficult to determine when one Great Age ends and the next Great Age begins, unless you know Astrology fairly well. The Great Ages do have obvious key points and patterns, which correspond to the sign they reflect, and are identified with more exactitude because of these astrological patterns. For instance, the sign of Aquarius governs airplane flight and science. As early as 1899-1902, the Wright Brothers were hot on the trail of getting a flight prospect into the skies. This is when the true Great Age of Aquarius began – around the turn of the century 1900.

The generally excepted number of 2160 years for the length of each Great Age, is derived by using 72 degrees, in which the Earth moves throughout the constellations, multiplied by 30 degrees in a Zodiacal sign – assuming one is using twelve signs per cycle. 2160 years multiplied by 12 (signs) makes the ‘full cycle’ of all Great Ages to be 25,920 years.

However, the Earth today moves through thirteen signs in the Mazzaroth Trail [the constellations], so the set number of 2160 years per Great Age is no longer correct. Each Age would be somewhat different in duration one from the other, and from earlier Ages past the length of Earth time was anywhere from 1994 years [13 signs] to 2520 years [ten signs], in difference. Scientists use an average of 2160 years now, but during ancient Biblical times the sum of 2520 years was mentioned – perhaps if incorporating the entire twelve Great Ages the first Great Age was 2520 years. Today, the actual count would in reality, be approximately 1994 years for the duration of the Great Age of Aquarius [see ‘life-span’ of each Age below’]

The Universe is alive and growing – spreading out and changing constantly. The number of years in any given Great Age, to be exact, must be calculated on the actual movement of the Earth through the Mazzaroth Trail for each particular Age and the constellations through which the Earth travels during that period, before beginning a new journey.

During the Great Age of Leo, ANU was the Elohiym god who ruled over that golden Age. The Great Age of Cancer was an Age of fertility, the Great Age of Gemini saw Enlil and his twin brother, Enki, as the ‘gods’ who ruled that Age of the twins. The Age of Taurus had the goddess of love and beauty and the bull; while the ‘god’ of Aries was Yahweh, or Marduk. There is enough information on the Great Ages and the gods who ruled them, to fill an entire book, but for purposes here, we mention only the theory.

The following chart shows the Great Ages and the Elohiym ‘god’ who ruled during that particular Great Age. ANU was the King of Hibiru [Nibiru] for thousands of years – it is uncertain if he still rules there today or not.

The attributes, patterns, and keywords for each Great Age – from Leo to Aquarius, are listed below and are hard to dispute, as the patterns are factual and history reflecting the patterns is common knowledge.

Actually the Age of Virgo lasted 2160 yrs, Leo lasted 2136 yrs, Cancer 2113 yrs, Gemini 2089 yrs, Taurus 2065 yrs, Aries 2041 yrs, Pisces 2018 yrs, Aquarius will last for approximately 1994 yrs, Capricorn will last for about 1970 yrs. Prior to Virgo the count was more than 2160 years. The duration is becoming shorter – ‘thank god’.

The following chart shows approximate dates using the 2160 accepted years.

AGE – THE RULING ‘GOD’ – Approximate dates

60 – Age of LEO – ANU – 10,652 BCE to 8492 BCE – Lion
55 – Age of CANCER – GODDESS (NINMAH – Birth Mother, Humanity Creator) – 8492 BCE to 6332 BCE – Three-Headed Dragon
50 – Age of GEMINI – ENLIL & ENKI – 6332 BCE to 4172 BCE – Two-Headed Griffin Bird Dragon
45 – Age of TAURUS – ISHTAR – APHRODITE – ISIS – 4172 BCE to 2012 BCE – Long-nosed yellow beast
40 – Age of ARIES – YHWH or MARDUK – 2012 BCE to 148 BCE – Orange Winged Dragon
35 – Age of PISCES – JESUS – 148 BCE to 2012 CE-
Blue & Yellow Standing Dragon
30 – Age of AQUARIUS – ENKI – MESSIAH – 2012 CE to 4172 CE – Flying Snake Tailed Dragon (Nagas)
25 – Age of CAPRICORN – Survivors – 4172 CE to 6332 CE
– Gray Horned Dragon


Each Great Age had its identifying leaders, as well as a God, patterned directly after the sign of the particular Age in which they ruled. Each God was always true to their Zodiacal sign of the Age they represented. However, realizing this fact, was it the Age that created a God, patterned after the particular sign of the Great Age, or was the God created for the Great Age?

AGE OF LEO: (ANU) Leo, (Lion) ruled by the Sun, is the Age that ushered in the highest masculine royal authority from the extraterrestrial Gods, represented by the King of Hibiru [Nibiru]- ANU. Gold would be the element, a Lion the animal, and Royalty among the Elohiym godhead was established. Reflecting Leo’s royal-like attributes is the Sun and King Solomon.

Opposite the fire sign of Leo is the air sign of Aquarius (ENKI), which ‘pours’ down that which is in the heavens to the Earth. The Sphinx in Egypt represents this Great Age of Leo, with the face of a Lion, looking at the opposite sign, Aquarius. Leo may be the first Great Age that saw extraterrestrials walking on the Earth with Anu as the highest authority. Sun worship was most certainly most prominent during the Great Age of Leo.

AGE OF CANCER: Cancer (Crab) is ruled by the Moon and is a feminine natural sign that symbolizes nurturing and the protector of life – mother Earth. (Ninmah – Birth Mother, Geneticist that created Homo Sapiens along with Enki and Thoth)

Opposite the water sign of Cancer, is the Earth sign CAPRICORN (Ninmah)(Goat, Gray standing dragon (on all four legs) with goat horns). The creation of the Adams occurred during the Great Age of Cancer. A Mother-type Goddess ruled during this era and the virgin mother and child image was prominent. The Virgin Mary (Ninmah nursing baby Adamu & Adapa) and baby Jesus is an ancient pattern that originated with the Great Age of Cancer.

AGE OF GEMINI: (Enki, Enlil)(Duality)(Two-headed Griffin (one head is light, one head is dark standing on 3 legs, left front leg raised). Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is a mental communicative sign of the twins. Symbolizing the duos, we have Adam and Eve, the two opposing trees in the Garden of Eden, the twin brothers, Enki and Enlil, Jacob and Esau, and Cain and Abel. The twin brothers, Enlil and Enki, brought to Earth, many mental attributes, such as the various sciences, mathematics, languages, and communication skills, which are all Gemini patterns.

Opposite the sign of GEMINI is the fire sign of SAGITTARIUS (Dual-sign, duality)(Pegasus, the half-human, half-horse archer), which ushered in various religions, giving tribute to the space-traveling gods, who are responsible for bringing higher knowledge to the world’s inhabitants, i.e., via the scenario of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The MesopotamianValley seems to have been the ‘country’ involved at this time and the Sumerian civilization were the ‘people’ representing the Great Age of Gemini.  The changing of the Age of Gemini to the Age of Taurus, occurred when Abraham left the Harran-Ur-Sumer area, as the land soon became devastated by the deadly war games between the gods. A toxic cloud formed from the bombings of cities and temples, causing the Elohiym and Anunnaki to leave the area. Too much knowledge can be a destructive thing in the hands of careless people – no matter who they are.

AGE OF TAURUS: Taurus, (Bull & Long-nosed yellow dragon, standing on two back legs, front legs raised) a feminine sign, is ruled by Venus (Ninmah)– the goddess of love and beauty, and Ishtar was the goddess of this Great Age. Taurus is an earthy sign that governs the land and growing things in the soil. Taurus, the sign of builders saw the construction of the pyramids; and Noah the Ark builder, represented that Great Age. The venerated animal was the bull – linked to the Egyptian god, Ptah (Enki). The red heifer that produced the bull once thought to represent the goddess Isis (Hathor, Ninmah). All types of bovine were sacred during this Age – bulls, heifers, red cows, and calves. The wearing of horns in ancient Egypt implied great power as ruler and prince.

Opposite the sign of Taurus is the water sign of SCORPIO (Scorpion, Phoenix Rising), when came the serpents of Egypt and the Great Flood. Egypt was the ‘country’ and ‘people’, representing the Great Age of Taurus. The official ending of the Age of Taurus occurred when the Israelites made their Exodus out of Egypt – this would have then ushered in the Great Age of Aries.

AGE OF ARIES: Aries (Ram), ruled by Mars (Marduk, Red Standing Dragon, Ram), is the fire sign of combat, warriors, leaders [good and bad], wars, Babylon, Moses, Marduk, YHWH, and Alexander the Great. The [sacrificial] animal, as well as the animal representing the sign of Aries, was/is the Ram and sheep; and because Aries is a fire sign we have the burning bush and fiery chariots. The killing of sacrificial animals and the bloody sentiments of these sacrifices involved knives, which are prominent representations of Aries and Mars. The planet Mars astrologically represents weapons of all kinds, as well as killing, of humans as well as animals.

Opposite the fire sign of Aries, is the air sign of LIBRA (Scales, Eagle Flying (United States?), indicating the scale of balance and justice, instituted as Laws, which would bring about balance and justice if followed. These same laws are still in existence in modern times, known as the common laws of the land.  Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jews, represented the ‘country’ and the ‘people’ of the Great Age of Aries. The Age of Aries was coming to a close with the rise of Julius Caesar and indicated an end to the Age of Aries (End of the Age of MARDUK.

AGE OF PISCES: (Duality, Fish swimming in opposite ways, blue dragon, yellow stripes, standing on 3 legs, right paw raised). Pisces, ruled by Neptune (Enki, Poseiden, Aquarius), is the nebulous water sign that reflects both the deceiver and the deceived. The pattern for the entire Age of Pisces reflects deception and mystery, as well as servitude. The animal representing Pisces is a fish or two fishes on a string swimming in opposite directions. The ‘raising’ of Jesus Christ (ENKI) as the venerated god, who ruled the Age of Pisces with the opposing sign Virgo representing the virgin mother (NINMAH) of Jesus (ENKI_, formed an entire religion, created around these astrological patterns.

The sign of Pisces also represents inspiration, artistic endeavors, baptisms by water, and the suffering of martyrs. Pisces rules the 12th house of the Zodiac, which has a ‘dark’ side of suffering and silent pain – and the Dark Ages were very typical of this pattern, right up to, and including the Civil War. Rome and Christianity represent the ‘country’ and movement of the Great Age of Pisces, which ends with the shocking revelations of truth and light from the ‘god’ of the Age of Aquarius (Divine partnership, balance, Enki & Nimah co-rule), exposing the deception of this Great Age.

AGE OF AQUARIUS: (ENKI with wife/life partner NINMAH) (Water-bearer, Winged Serpent, flying (Nagas?)(Melusine (Mary Magdalene, Ninmah). Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, begins with freedom fighters and truth seekers. Exiting is the old bondage of Piscean deception, replaced with the desire for harmony, truth, and humanitarian causes, marching strongly through the gates of the Great Age of Aquarius. This air sign represents a revolutionary period that ushers in a society of reformers who will see an absolute rejunification of all things, from a Messiah-type influence, whose pattern is reflected in the planet Pluto as reformer and promised rejunification. However,  a warning should be sounded loud and clear as all is not as it seems. There is great deceivement that also takes place with missplaced confidence.

‘TRUTH and FREEDOM’ will eventually reign paramount during this Great Age (ENKI’s age with his wife & life partner NINMAH, the divine partnership). The symbol for Aquarius is the ‘water bearer pouring out water [truth as enlightenment] from the Heavens [air sign of Aquarius]. The sign of Aquarius represents astrology, astronomy, outer space, space travel, science and extraterrestrials. The Great Age of Aquarius may very well bring in the ‘Kings of the East’, which are Astrologers.  The Great Spirit will then ‘pour’ wisdom down from on high, and the truth will be written upon every heart.

Found in this Great Age, is the unification of all peoples and countries around the globe and an end to the traditions that have held humankind in bondage for so long. Religions will be deemed a detriment to society, and harmful to soul Ascension. The knowledge of the Age will be unlike any Earthly traditional doctrine and dogma, for the wisdom forthcoming will emanate from the highest heavenly air sign of them all, Aquarius.

Opposite Aquarius is the fire sign of Leo, indicating a possible destruction of all things by fire, and the millennium judgment of all things. The country and people representing the Great Age of Aquarius will be the American freedom fighters, eliminating all that is no longer useful or beneficial.

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