Anunnaki, Extraterrestrials

Enlil built NIPPUR, the Command Central & Headquarters for the Anunnaki Goldmining Expedition from the Planet Nibiru to Earth

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From NINMAH, MOTHER OF HUMANITY [pp 179-188] by Zecharia Sitchin student, Janet Kira Lessin

Commander Enlil (Yahweh) built Nippur [aka Nibru-ki], his observatory and planetarium that charted past, present, and current positions of the planets, moons, and large meteorites in the binary Solaris-Nemesis star system. From Nippur, the Commander could track the movement of sky craft relative to Mars, Earth, and Nibiru. He installed the “Heaven-Earth Bond”–a computer program the Anunnaki called an “ME” in a tall, stone tower from which sensors accessed the sky above Iraq.

Inside the tower, the ceiling showed Earth’s counterclockwise orbit as it successively passed through twelve emblems that showed its progress in real-time. In the tower’s center, the Tablets of Destinies gently hummed, soft hues reassuring Enlil that the Expedition maintained peace, safety, and industry. Beams from Nippur could scan all the lands, see everywhere and prevent beasts or regressed Atlantis survivors from endangering Expedition stations.

When his technicians finished Nippur, Enlil broadcast to the Anunnaki stations of Iraq, the African gold mining headquarters, the base on Mars, and even Nibiru itself.

“We raised beams that search all the lands. Nippur eyes scan all lands, see everywhere, and prevent unwanted approaches by beasts or men.”

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